Watco Launches Powerfloat Sealer an Industry First

Keeping an enhanced concrete look is an industry first. The major difference between a concrete floor protected with one that’s been polished and Powerfloat Sealer is less upkeep. From chemical spills and feet, forklifts floors take abuse in high traffic environments.

To put it simply, a concrete surface protect your concrete from the components all while requiring less maintenance, provide adhesion and will reduce staining. Polished concrete floors nevertheless require care to keep the surface from losing its shine. In high traffic retail or commercial places they can stain, although the densification procedure for polishing is exceptionally durable. These floors need to be cleaned and the surface may become abraded needing to be polished again if not maintained,.

Powerfloat Sealer is not difficult to apply with only a roller to the smooth surface. Removing the need for shot blasting and grinding of the surface means the smoothness that is attractive is maintained and additional costs are avoided. Powerfloat Sealer dust shields, proofs and totally seals the surface while still leaving a shiny finish.