The Beauty of Acid Etched Concrete

When acid etched concrete was developed, it revolutionized the manner concrete looked as it offered homeowners the option of creating innovative looking surfaces without having to use natural stone and other more expensive construction materials. The porous surface of concrete makes it a perfect target for a color wash, adding a finish that is vivid to a newly poured concrete kitchen countertop or whether applying it to an old concrete patio. Acid etching basically is the solution supplied to create the blot and a chemical reaction between concrete. What you get is a permanent color that will never fade, flake or chip.

Concrete Staining

Acid etched concrete

Acid etching is a process known commonly as staining that is reactive. The metallic salts create the shade for the blot, not the acid itself. After implemented the color becomes permanent. Because of the substance variations present within concrete, only a professional that’s skilled in acid-etching may perform the color transformation.
It should manage to take an acid etching if your concrete flooring hasn’t had any surface additive or sealer. The fact that it is porous, the pavement absorbs the acid wash. A good way to know if your concrete qualifies for the treatment would be to scatter several drops of water over the surface. The concrete sealant is preventing the water from being consumed which means the concrete is not going to manage to accept the acid etching if there’s water beading.

Acid Etching Colours

The result that is achieved is rather much like the procedure for antiquing. Many acid-stained colors are earth tones, browns, terra cottas and bleached blues. To establish brilliant colors, water-based dyes are usually used. This calls for an alternate procedure and the longevity is reducedĀ in comparison to acid etching.

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