Get Rid of Drab and Dull Concrete Floors with Paint or Staining

If you’ve got an average concrete flooring and want it without having to necessarily pay lots of money to update it to look wonderful, the best way would be to paint or stain it. Based on MN specialists that are inside that are concrete, paint or staining can immediately create the appearance of sophisticated flooring via the use of distinct approaches like the creation of faux finishes and inclusion of intricate stenciling designs.

Mottled Appearance

Acid staining is the way to go if you need to realize that mottled look for your own concrete floors. Pools are enabled to accumulate on sections that were uneven. The result of the application that is heavy is a diverse mix of colour supplying a rustic appearance to the concrete.

Faux Finish Appearance

Using a base stain and an appearance that is faux can be achieved by the addition of colour enhancers. For instance, you are able to get the look of marble or granite simply by combining different colour enhancers. This creates a translucent look and the finish looks quite great on a smooth concrete floor.

Lustrous, Even Finish

Based on concrete residential providers, if you dilute acid stain with at least three parts water with one component stain the result is a shiny finish. Acid stain typically makes etchings and marks which could make the floor seem a little dull. However, the inclusion of water from pooling and ceasing the spot will create a shiny and flat finish.

Layered Appearance

The procedure is continued until the whole floor is colored completely. The approach may also be blended in order to create interesting effects with painting and stenciling.


Paint can also be used to mimic the look of marble, slate and other stones. On as can stencil artwork involved tile and ornamental design options are often painted. The paint is finished with an polyurethane sealant topcoat.
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