Concrete Stain versus Concrete Paint

Home improvement specialists are split on concrete staining or concrete paint – which is better? The fact is that it all really depends on what your intent is. Below we compare concrete stain and concrete paint and determine which is best used for which application. Applying concrete stain or paint requires specialist knowledge and equipment to achieve the best result; we recommend engaging a specialist to give proper advice on the best method for your situation and to provide adequate preparation of the surface to ensure a quality and long-lasting result..

Concrete Staining.

You can find two fundamental kinds of concrete stains; water-based and acid-based stains. Water-based spots goes on quite fast once the concrete was cleaned and demands a sealant after application as a way to prevent fading. Acid-based stains on the other hand react to the concrete’s ingredients, offer color possibilities that were lesser than water-based spots and may be a little more complex to use. Water-based stains may need a lot more than one application of the stain if you prefer to have a stronger shade. Concrete stain provide a decorative alternative for your concrete floors.

Concrete Paint.

Paint protect and can fully cover the surface but will require lots of prep work to pull off. Before the application of paint that was concrete, as a way to dispose of any oil or grease stains clean it first with degreasers, followed by muriatic acid to remove any curing compounds on the surface. Seal the concrete with a primer -sealer merchandise so that you can prevent moisture retentiveness before application of concrete paint.


If sealed and polished properly, concrete is the finest alternative for interior decorative floors and outdoor verandas and creates a high sheen flooring. The fact that stains are see-through will not conceal some of the defects of concrete. A decorative choice that is good is provided by concrete paints but the concrete must undergo protection and sealing if it has heavy-duty usage for example a garage or basement.

You may also add concrete and stains together when adding new concrete for a veranda. This sort of stain essentially goes through the concrete and becomes part of it. Then they stamp it to look like brick, paving stones or natural stone drives.