Coloring your Concrete Countertops

One of the fastest means of reviving your living space will be to add a fresh dash of colour to your own existing concrete countertops. Paint adds a brand new dimension but also provides you with the opportunity of adding your own personal touch. Additionally, if it has been awhile since you might have upgraded your concrete countertops, the straightforward inclusion of paint can make them appear fresh once more. Colouring concrete countertops requires specialist knowledge and equipment we recommend seeking the advice of a specialist concrete countertop installer.


Average dish soap is best as it includes detergents that can readily remove the presence of dirt and grime. Once done, let it dry for at least 10 to 24 hours.


You can eliminate them with the installation of concrete sealant if your concrete countertops has cracks present. That is needed so that the paint is going to have smooth surface for connecting to. Just wedge concrete sealant into the fractures and then use a metal scraper to remove any excess. Let dry for at least 24 hours.

Create an Even Feel

It truly is essential to create the smoothest surface possible when painting concrete countertops as the complete effect cans dampen. To create an even feel sand down the countertop using a 120 -grit sandpaper. Use a circular motion and moderate pressure to sand down it.


Priming concrete prior to painting is vital so that you can confirm a reasonable result. Primer establishes a surface that paint can correctly attach to. Not performing this procedure would let paint chip off after several weeks of application.


When coloring concrete countertops use paint that is specifically made for nothing else and concrete. Check out waterproof paint. A thick and even coat all across the entire surface using a small paint roller. Allow the paint dry for at least three hours before applying another layer. Repeat until you’ve applied at least three layers.


Use a high-gloss clear coat for an unnoticeable clear layer or shine. This acts as a sealant so the paint does not chip. Use a paint roller and apply at least two to three coatings. Wait 24 hours before you begin your brand-new kitchen concrete countertops.