Achieve Sophisticated Concrete Floors with Acid Staining

In the past many designers frowned upon concrete as a flat, construction material that was unsophisticated. Innovations on the best way to make concrete look more appealing have borne fruit as concrete has become the darling of many contractors and designers. Homeowners now have the opportunity to create their own custom-colored concrete floors, walkways and countertops. The utilization of acid-soluble metallic salts react chemically with the lime content. The salts supply long-lasting coloring which is resistant to chipping or fading.

Color Possibilities

Color charts for acid stains that are concrete are different according to the makers but usually acid stains come in three primary colour groups. Brown mixes are due to iron salts which accounts for creating umber, tan, golden and brown or different colors. While copper salts produce colours of aqua, green and blue rust salts on the other hand create deep shades of earthy red, dark brown and almost black colors.

Shade Variations

Concrete offers the finest surface for taking acid stains. Unlike water-based stains and paints, stains that are acid produce a mottled appearance. Color variations may be adjusted by contractors by applying acid stains then tinted concrete sealing compounds or by simply mixing acid stains with water-based stains.

Color Intensity

Color intensity from acid concrete blots changes because the power on the color depends a lot on the mixing process of the concrete, quantity and the kind of aggregates used and the number of free lime as well as the level of alkalinity within the concrete itself. On the other hand, the reaction procedure may continue for months after the use.

Color Fast

Color from concrete stain last almost indefinitely as the stain forms a chemical reaction with the concrete etching the surface. The luster and longevity of the color can be enhance by coating the stained concrete surface with an epoxy or polyurethane coating with essential forms a permanent impenetrable coating over the concrete. If the color is diluted with water-based stains the longevity of the color may be reduced.